Geographical Information Systems (GIS) represents one of the most rapidly expanding areas in Information Technology. GIS is seen increasingly as an essential tool in many areas of government and business.
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What does UNIGIS Amsterdam have to offer?
The UNIGIS Programme offers ample opportunities for professionals to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of GIS, within their existing organisation as well as to increase job mobility. The part-time distance-learning programmes on academic Master-level combine well with work and private life. In short:

Our students
Our students can be found applying their knowledge and training as technicians, researchers, lecturers, surveyors, marketers, managers and in many other positions. Students have found the course to open new horizons not only in the boundaries of their current employment, but also beyond.

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Vrije Universiteit, dep. Spatial Economics ; De Boelelaan 1105 ; 1081 HV Amsterdam ; Room 9A-89 (Main Building) ;
Telephone: +31 (0)20 5986099 ; E-mail:
This Master's programme is officially registered under the name Geographical Information Sciences (crohocode 75040)