UNIGIS programme

The SPINlab coordinates the UNIGIS distance learning postgraduate course and masters programme on spatial information management. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) represents one of the most rapidly expanding areas in Information Technology. GIS is seen increasingly as an essential tool in many areas of government and business. See the UNIGIS link in the menu, or visit the UNIGIS website directly to see what UNIGIS Amsterdam has to offer.


National GI-minor

The SPINLab, on behalf of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, furthermore coordinates the national GI-minor programme (3rd year bachelor-level). This national programme is offered by five universities together: Delft University, Utrecht University, Twente University, Wageningen University and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. See www.nationalegiminor.nl for more information.


Thesis supervision

Further, we supervise students in various research topics where spatial analysis and geo-information science play an important role. See the overview of supervised bachelor and master theses.


GI-courses at VU-campus and Science park Watergraafsmeer

The SPINlab provides scientific and technical courses as part of undergraduate and graduate education. We are teaching GIS-courses in a whole range of programmes at different faculties and institutes:

Amsterdam University College:
Urban Environment lab
Risk Management

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration:
Geographical Information Systems (MSc Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics (STREEM))
Geologistics (MSc Transport and Supply Chain Management (TSCM))
Geomarketing (MSc Marketing and Part-time MSc Marketing)

Faculty of Earth & Life Sciences:
Land Use Change (BSc Earth & Economics)
Natural Disasters and Risks (BSc Earth & Economics)
Spring School – field work Salzburg (BSc Earth & Economics)
Geo Data Acquisition (BSc Earth & Economics, national GI-minor)
Imaging and Assessing Landscapes (MSc Earth & Economics)



UNIGIS MSc thesis: The influence of land use change on hydrology

Changes in land use have influence upon hydrology. This influence can been subdivided into direct and indirect influence of changes in land use upon hydrology. Direct influence comprises the influence of changes in land use upon evapotranspiration and degree of imperviousness and may thus lead to changes in groundwater recharge....Read More »

SPINlab GIS-student in Spatial Economics (VU) and Human Geography (UvA) Joris Tieleman wins NVM Thesis Award 2013

After already having won the prestiguous national ESRI Young Scholar Award 2013, Joris Tieleman, educated in GIS by the SPINlab during his VU-master studies in Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics has now also won the NVM Thesis Award 2013.

The NVM (Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers) yearly awards the best thesis...Read More »

VU/MMU student Jeroen Steenbeek runner up UNIGIS Academic Excellence Award 2013

During the UNIGIS International annual network meeting, held this year in Krakow – Poland, the 2013 winner and runners-up in the UNIGIS Academic Excellence Award, dedicated to the network’s top Master’s theses, were announced. Jeroen Steenbeek was elected by the jury as this year’s runner up. Jeroen is a GIS-master...Read More »

Simulating future urban heat islands using the socio-economic scenarios

Climate change is likely to affect living conditions in urban areas, causing, for example, an increase in the urban heat island effect. Understanding why urban areas have a higher temperature than their rural surroundings and finding appropriate adaptation measures are topics in the Climate proof cities research project (KfC theme...Read More »

SPINlab GIS-student awarded ESRI Young Scholars Award 2013

Joris Tieleman, educated in GIS by the SPINlab during his VU-master studies in Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics (STREEM), has won the prestiguous national ESRI Young Scholar Award 2013 for his UvA master thesis in Human Geography entitled The Shifting Cityscape of Amsterdam.

The Esri Young Scholars Awards are an initiative of...Read More »

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