Land Use Scanner – Model Download

The Land Use Scanner Student Edition (download here) provides an example model configuration and geographic data. It allows you to experiment with land-use modelling and contains an assignment that serves as a first introduction to the modelling environment that is used at various research institutes worldwide to support spatial planning.

The assignment contains a short description of the model, an introduction to its main functions and an assignment that asks you to simulate future land use in the Netherlands according to scenario conditions. Before you start with the exercise, first unzip the Land Use Scanner Student Edition zip file and install the GeoData Model Server (GeoDMS) software (download the latest release here) by running the GeoDms[XX.X.X]-Setup-x64.exe. Subsequently, start the installed GeoDMS software. A message box with the text: file not found is presented. Browse to the cfg subfolder of the downloaded and unzipped(!) configuration and then select the lus_demo/cfg/demo.dms file and click Open. The Student Edition configuration is now loaded.

If you would like to have more information about the GeoDMS software, please visit the developers’ website, where you can find the GeoDMS user guide and results presentations. An extensive set of publications on the Land Use Scanner model and its applications can be found here. Please contact us (Dr. Eric Koomen or Jip Claassens) if you want to use this modelling environment to develop your own land-use model.