wastecosmart_logoOptimisation of Integrated Solid Waste Mant Strategies for the Maximis. of Resource Efficiency

The optimisation of integrated waste management is a key challenge for many European regions. It requires the formulation of comprehensive waste management strategies, the assessment of research and innovation needs and informed decision-making with regard to the choice of policies, processes and technologies suitable for specific regional circumstances.

WASTECOSMART aims to contribute solutions to this challenge by increasing regional innovation capacities for resources efficiency and integrated waste management through cooperation, research and technological development.

For the project, six research-driven triple helix clusters (science, industry and public sector) have been formed in Paphos (CY), Central Hungary, Piedmont (IT), Amsterdam (NL), Stockholm (SE) and Liverpool City Region (UK). WASTECOSMART also collaborates with international partners from Brazil, Mexico and India to promote international collaboration and opportunities in waste management.

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