Land-use change is one of the important factors in the climate change cycle and the relationship between the two is interdependent; changes in land use may affect the climate whilst climatic change will also influence future land-use. The figure below describes the intricate relation between land use and climate.

source: US CCSP, 2004

At SPINlab research focuses mainly on the implications of climate change for land-use patterns. To analyse this we make use of land-use models that simulate potential spatial resulting from socio-economic changes, climate impacts and human-induced adaptation and mitigation measures. More specifically we focus on issues such as:


Twinning for climate-resilient urban solutions

University of Twente and Vrije Universiteit cooperated in a project to explore the potential of digital twins for developing sustainable, climate-resilient urban development strategies. Digital twins offer a realistic representation of the built environment based on a variety of spatial data sources. In combination with spatially explicit models that...Read More »

Simulating future urban heat islands using the socio-economic scenarios

Climate change is likely to affect living conditions in urban areas, causing, for example, an increase in the urban heat island effect. Understanding why urban areas have a higher temperature than their rural surroundings and finding appropriate adaptation measures are topics in the Climate proof cities research project (KfC theme...Read More »

Ruimtelijke analyses relatie stedelijk landgebruik, lokale kenmerken en lange-afstandsbereikbaarheid

Promotie SPINlab-onderzoeker Chris Jacobs-Crisioni

30 november 2016, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

De verhitte concurrentie tussen spoorexploitanten heeft gezorgd voor overinvestering op het netwerk en bijgedragen aan een te dicht spoornetwerk in Nederland. Het 19e-eeuwse Nederlandse spoorwegnetwerk is voornamelijk ontwikkeld voor winst en de Nederlandse staat deed competitief mee in de spoorweguitbreiding, zonder rekening...Read More »

Chris Jacobs-Crisioni contributes to Dutch TV-show about the invisible past

SPINlab PhD candidate Chris Jacobs-Crisioni recently contributed some of his research data to a Dutch TV-show, ‘Onzichtbaar Nederland’ (‘The invisible Netherlands’). That show takes the viewer through physical and societal changes in the country with often spectacular GIS visualizations.

The data Chris shared show the decline of traveltimes throughout the...Read More »