International land-use model applications

For more than a decade the SPINlab has been active in developing land-use models for various regions in Europe. In cooperation with Object Vision a model was developed for EC-JRC in 2010 that simulates land use at a 100m resolution for all 27 member states of the European Union. Model calibration was an important part of the model development and called for extensive analysis of land-use change in Europe. The model will be applied for various policy preparation studies in the EU. Preceding this pan-European model development the SIMILOR-project (SIMulation and Integration of Land-cOveR dynamics) aimed at the development of a prototype spatial information system that simulates future land use, on a European scale level. The emphasis of the project was on the interaction between land use change in urban and rural areas in specific European regions.

From 2010 onwards, land-use models are developed for Bangladesh, Surinam and various water catchment areas within Europe (i.e. Elbe, Meuse, Rhine)



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