phd cover jasperAnalyzing land use change using land market models

As part of the SPINlab main research theme Land Use Change And Simulation (LUCAS), the main focus of this research project is the analysis of land use change, in particular in the urban fringe. An explanatory land market model will be used to analyse which driving forces influence land prices.
This knowledge about the land market will then be used to improve land use change analysis using the Land Use Scanner, a simulation model with which the spatial policy effects on future land use is investigated through the use of scenario analysis.

The Land Use Scanner simulates future land use and works with the economic principles of demand versus supply. In the current model, the demand for land is not influenced by real land prices nor transition costs. From an economical point of view, monetarisation of model input and output can fortify the economical basis of the model. A second way to improve this basis is to include the explanatory variables found with the land market model in the land use suitability maps of the Land Use Scanner.

The research was carried out by the Spatial Economics department of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The Environmental and Nature Planning Agency of the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (MNP-RIVM) has commissioned the research program and financed it. Dr. M. Kuijpers-Linde was the principal contact person at the planning agency and chaired the supervising committee.

Project data
PhD: Jasper Dekkers, researcher, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

prof. dr. Henk Scholten, promotor, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
prof. dr. Piet Rietveld, promotor, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
prof. dr. ir. Adri van den Brink, promotor, Wageningen Universiteit en Dienst Landelijk Gebied

Duration: October 2002 – 19 February 2010