SPINlab, Geodan and GeoFort recently published their first scientific outcomes on the use of Minecraft as a particpation tool to involve (young) people of the place to critically assess the development of their home environments into smart cities. This paper provides a discussion of the creation of GeoCraft, a virtual replica of The Netherlands on a scale of 1 by 1 in Minecraft. The study researchers provide an overview of the technical infrastructure of GeoCraft, and explain the conversion and implementation of heterogeneous GIS data in order to reconstruct the contemporary Dutch landscape in one billion Minecraft building blocks. Through the discussion of multiple pilot studies, this study sets out the affordances of GeoCraft as an innovative geospatial tool for stimulating civic engagement and learning on smart city development in the twenty first-century.

Scholten, Henk et al. “Geocraft as a Means to Support the Development of Smart Cities, Getting the People of the Place Involved – Youth Included -.” Quality Innovation Prosperity 21, no. 1 (April 30, 2017): 119. doi:10.12776/qip.v21i1.784.

A digital copy of the article can be found on the publishers website.

Scientific contribution on Minecraft, Smart Cities and Civic Engagement