The SPINlab provides advice and services to researchers of various disciplines at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on all matters related to spatial data and spatial analysis. The lab, furthermore, stimulates industry-academia initiatives and other interactions with societal partners such as governmental organisations and secondary schools (see, for example, the EduGIS-project).

Basically, our GIS tech support comes down to the following categories:

  • Spatial Data & Analysis
    • Spatial analysis requires spatial data. Geoplaza is VU’s gateway to a number of spatial data sets. That website also provides examples of GIS-related projects and info on software.
  • GIS software
    • Several software packages are available to visualize and analyse spatial data. In most courses, we apply QGIS, which can be downloaded from It is highly recommended you select the latest stable release. VU also has a license for ArcGIS developed by ESRI. You can request a license and find more info on GIS software here:
  • Tools & Models
    • You can find some tools on our website.


Geoplaza UBVU-SPINlab genomineerd voor Nederlands Dataprijs DANS-KNAW

Uit 40 inzendingen zijn drie datasets genomineerd voor de Nederlandse Dataprijs voor humaniora en sociale wetenschappen, jaarlijks uitgereikt door DANS-KNAW. Het Geoplaza dataportaal van de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is een van de drie genomineerden “De drie genomineerde datasets hebben stuk voor stuk iets vernieuwends, iets aantrekkelijks en ook iets maatschappelijks.”...Read More »

Geoplaza UBVU now officially opened

The Geoplaza, a combined effort from UBVU and SPINlab, is officialy on-line. This Spatial Data Infrastructure offers a growing collection spatial data. Everyone can view the data, in most cases download functionality is limited to VU staff and students only.

...Read More »

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