The SPINlab is proud to present a free geocoding tool. It can be used to attach X,Y-coordinates to Dutch addresses and uses the Dutch Basic Administration of Addresses and Buildings (BAG) as it’s geocoding source.

Using an open source GIS-platform (GeoDMS), which is a small but powerful piece of software, the BAG-XML is transformed into a native GeoDMS-format. After that, it can be used as a local geocoding service.

You simply put a csv-file with address data in a designated directory, click ‘Export file’  in the geocoding tool, and a resulting csv-file is created that includes your original data, supplemented with X,Y-coordinates, BAG-ID (in case of a unique match) and more data.
Also metadata about the geocoding process is provided (i.e. how many addresses on what geocode levels have been processed).

Visit the tools’ web page for more information and to download the tool and the source data.

Free Geocoding tool for Dutch addresses available
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