The updated land-use projections related to the Global Economy (GE) and Regional Communities (RC) scenarios have been released. These scenarios were initially developed by a consortium of Dutch research institutes (CPB et al., 2006) and translated into land-use projections in cooperation with PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (Riedijk et al., 2007).

The resulting land-use maps for 2040 were used in numerous research projects focused on climate adaption and mitigation in the Climate changes Spatial Planning programme.

A report that describes the updates and new model results in detail has been published and distributed among Knowledge for Climate partners (Figure 1). The projections are available to researchers in the Knowledge for Climate research programme to describe the socio-economic context for the development of new climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. Click the weblink to download the report.

Meanwhile, we are updating the model configuration to the newest GeoDMS software version. This update will enhance flexibility in modeling approaches, increase calculation speed and ensure the continuation of technical support.

Knowledge for climate – Theme 8: Socio-economic scenarios updated
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