An example of the use of Geographical Information Science & Systems in the fields of history & heritage is explained by Maurice de Kleijn in the next video:

3D archeologie in Rome

Spinlab onderzoeker Maurice de Kleijn (geospatiaal archeoloog (PhD), en Rens de Hond (promovendus-archeoloog, 3D-specialist) hebben in de afgelopen maanden bijgedragen aan de tentoonstelling Via Appia Revisited. Tijdreizen over de Eeuwige Snelweg.  Deze tentoonstelling is een tijdreis langs de beroemde antieke snelweg die van Rome naar Brindisi liep. Kunstenaar en onderzoeker...Read More »

Spinlab research featured in the Bhutanese Cultural Atlas

During 2017 and 2018, the World Bank with the support from Spinlab researchers Eric Koomen and Eduardo Dias carried out the project entitled: “A National GIS-Based Cultural Landscape Database for Large Infrastructure Planning and Development in Bhutan”.  This project is part of the World Bank support to the Royal Government of Bhutan on the domain...Read More »


HERILAND is a pan-European research and training network on cultural heritage in relation to Spatial Planning and Design. The Vrije Universiteit collaborates with five other European universities in this network to devise and guide transdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and mainstreamed planning and design strategies for regenerating European heritage and landscape, foster social...Read More »

Spatial Data Science, Archaeology and Heritage Management conference

On Friday June 14, SPINlab’s researchers Rens de Hond, Maurice de Kleijn and Chris Lucas will attend a one-day conference at the Arcopolis Museum in Athens. The aim of this conference is to reflect on past and future applications of Spatial Data Science tools like GIS and remote sensing, methods...Read More »

SPINlab will start a new research project on Urban development and mobility with partners in Europe and China

A large research grant has been awarded to SPINlab in the NSFC JPI Urban Europe programme. The project focusses on SustaInable Mobility and Equality in mega-ciTy RegIons: patterns, mechanisms and governance (SIMETRI). The project consortium is led by Prof. Michael Batty from University College London and involves researchers from Birkbeck...Read More »

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